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Working for AireXpert

AireXpert's mission is to help airlines across the globe to improve their on-time performance by making it easier for skilled and technical people to work together. Our crew has gained significant traction with the airline brands that you rely on to fly and we’re always giving them tools to transform how they operate. We now have a loyal customer base with high-growth opportunities ahead of us and want you to join our journey.

Over the years, our crew has made products for thousands of users at multiple companies. We know how to go from the seedlings of a young startup to an industry-recognized brand. You’ll be an integral part of the journey to help execute our growth strategy and build products that solve large problems in an industry ready for new life.


Now Hiring: Frontend Engineer

The frontend engineer will work closely with our team of designers and other engineers to ensure that the end product is both visually appealing and functional in 2 week sprints.

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Now Hiring: Backend Senior Software Engineer

As a backend engineer working on a web and mobile application, your day-to-day tasks would  involve designing, building, and maintaining the server-side of the application. You would work  with technologies such as databases, server-side languages, and API design to build and deploy  new features and updates to the application, and ensure that the systems you build are scalable,  reliable, and secure. You would also collaborate with frontend developers and other team  members to ensure that the application functions smoothly and provides a seamless user  experience on both web and mobile platforms.  

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Now Hiring: Full Stack Developer

This position involves working with the team in 2 week sprints to develop new products and features and improve our existing products and features. We are looking for a proficient engineer with a well-rounded software engineering background.

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Now Hiring: Customer Success Specialist

The customer success specialist will answer questions on how to use the AireXpert mobile application and web platform as well as build personal relationships with user groups while engaging in ongoing support efforts.

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Now Hiring: Social Media Intern

The Social Media Intern will assist the Executive Team in brainstorming, creating, and posting content for our social media pages and assist with content for our blog, website, and collateral materials. 

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