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Execution hinges on the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently. AireXpert is the fastest, most secure, flexible and universal solution that your team will actually enjoy using. It’s engineered to meet the unique needs of aviation & aerospace MRO and it will deliver in many ways, including some that you won't expect.

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What is AireXpert?

AireXpert is your company's home for everyone and everything related to maintenance—a better way to access the network that helps companies do more.

Integrated Network


Labor Productivity Increase


Communication Latency Reduction


Compliance Risk Reduction

Seamless integration

Creating a simple path to significant gains and efficiencies, AireXpert supports multiple integration options with leading maintenance and engineering (M&E) systems.

"The fact is that AireXpert is such an essential tool. It has really helped us with scaling while still feeling connected across our entire maintenance network."

Eric Underwood

Director of Maintenance Control

Break down collaboration barriers

  • De-silo communication by utilizing AX Connect -messaging, file sharing, video calls, and more - to put team decisions in a single place: AireXpert
  • Unify internal and external experts immediately to speed up resolution times
  • Help everyone find the answers they need through Rear-View, a set of powerful search tools to find the aircraft history you're looking for

Device capability

AireXpert is available on multiple devices and platforms, eliminating the need for new hardware and simplifying onboarding efforts.

  • App Store – iPad and iPhone versions
  • Google Play – Android app
  • Web-browser log-in
  • Text messaging interface (no download required)

"AireXpert is not only great at connecting people, it's great at connecting the tools and systems we already have today"

Eric Underwood

Director of Maintenance Control
A united front

Working better.
Working together.

Flight Crews

Use AireXpert to minimize risk of schedule disruptions during pre and post-flight workflows by quickly acknowledging and assessing potential defects in conjunction with Maintenance Control.

Technicians & Engineers

Rely on AireXpert to communicate effectively without dangerous distraction while remaining planeside during time-critical operations.

Materials & AOG Controllers

Systematically track spares requirements, movements and communications in AireXpert to ensure delivery, receipt and return logistics that eliminate expensive asset losses.


Elevate their ability to make well-informed strategic routing and recovery decisions based on up-to-the-second information and data-driven status updates.

Maintenance Control & Engineering

Experiences increased productivity, greater focus and heightened confidence levels by eliminating low value, error-prone processes while dramatically enhancing communication and ability to coordinate efficiently across multiple departments and stakeholders.

Maintenance Leadership

Relies on AireXpert’s real-time management notifications and alerts, insightful analytics and business intelligence exports to spot trends and gain deep insights into maintenance execution.

Financial Planning & Analysis

Teams analyze event milestones, decision points and thresholds to understand maintenance cost structures relative to CASM targets.

Quality Assurance

Groups use AireXpert as an essential part of their CASS & SMS research toolset to identify risk factors, determine root causes of quality escapes and reduce compliance deviations.


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