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Making maintenance events less eventful.

AireXpert is a comprehensive operations control platform that provides airlines with unprecedented levels of data, oversight, and control over system-wide maintenance operations. The transformative platform helps leadership and maintenance teams do more with less – from improving on-time performance to enabling shared knowledge to overcome labor challenges. 


Working better.
Working together.

Having the complete picture of an event is paramount to making data-driven decisions, supporting continuous improvement efforts, and alleviating miscoded maintenance delays. AireXpert is a role-based platform that displays the appropriate functionality and information based on each user’s responsibilities.

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Flight Crew

Crews can quickly report potential maintenance issues and exchange details with Maintenance Control to minimize schedule disruptions.


To expedite repairs, technicians and engineers can immediately access all necessary resources, including subject matter expertise and technical documents.

Materials/AOG Staff

With real-time broadcast tracking, there’s never a question of when a part or material will be delivered. Also, unserviceable parts can easily be traced to avoid loss.

Maintenance Controller

The controller can easily manage events at multiple locations through an intuitive dashboard.

Director of Maintenance

With system-wide visibility, the director can rely on AireXpert as part of a Safety Management System (SMS) and manage compliance risk before it becomes problematic.

VP of Technical Operations

Having real-time data at their fingertips, the VP leverages analytics for decision-making, tracks KPIs, and evaluates emerging trends to ensure system-wide operational integrity.

Third-Party Maintenance Billing

The vendor billing department experiences a new level of transparency, insight, and accountability when reviewing and approving vendor invoices.

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Seamless integration.

Creating a simple path to significant gains and efficiencies, AireXpert supports multiple integration options with leading  maintenance and engineering (M&E) systems.

Device capability.

AireXpert is available on multiple devices and platforms, eliminating the need for new hardware and simplifying onboarding efforts.

  • App Store – iPad and iPhone versions
  • Google Play – Android app
  • Web-browser log-in
  • Text messaging interface (no download required)
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