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MROs and Aircraft Operators

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Engineered to Support the Global Fleet.

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As the sophistication of airframes, engines and systems continues to increase

technicians & engineers need critical information at their fingertips and ability to coordinate with multiple stakeholder groups including highly experienced and knowledgeable peers. AireXpert enables multiple modes of communication & workflow management to ensure that the right information is always accessible in the right place at the right time.

The demanding role
of technicians requires

they stay focused on the task at hand and avoid any distractions which could result in injury, damage or unsafe practices. AireXpert’s highly intuitive user interfaces ensure that technicians are able to maintain situational awareness throughout the course of their duties without unsafe or unproductive interruptions. 

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With a shortfall of 12,000 to 18,000 technicians in 2023, quickly repurposing knowledge and experience while rapidly increasing productivity of existing talent is critical. The AireXpert “RECIRC” platform extension makes it easy for technicians to share technical & tribal knowledge across maintenance bases and third party MRO locations. Have a tricky AOG in ORD? Tap into the experiences of your most senior experts across the world, find the solutions faster than ever. 

As the sophistication of airframes, engines and systems continues to increase, familiarization training is only one component of a successful and effective technician

One of the leading drivers of maintenance inefficiency* is unproductive time spent waiting for information which is shared not only within the local workplace but across the entire supply chain. Aircraft operations which rely heavily on outmoded mediums of communication (email, phone, Microsoft products) waste countless labor hours when technicians should be reassigned to other productive work. 

*Oliver Wyman Global Management Consultant - Not Enough Aviation Mechanics - AMT Report, January 2023

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