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Streamlined Flight & Ground Ops

AireXpert enables instant, frictionless communication between flight crews and maintenance control to resolve events as quickly as possible. 

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Engineered to Support the Global Fleet.

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Clear communication
with a common goal.

When flight crews recognize an aircraft defect, they must quickly relay pertinent details to maintenance control. Any delay, ambiguity, or missing information can be the difference between an on-time departure and lengthy disruption. As a centralized communication channel, AireXpert enables a productive flow of information. 

Fewer miscommunications. Faster repairs.

AireXpert makes it quick and easy for flight crews to articulate the nature and symptoms of the defect they’re experiencing – accelerating the repair lifecycle. Flight crews can upload images and videos directly through the platform, further reducing the technical burden of conveying technical information.  

With detailed input and the ability to follow up directly with the flight crew, maintenance control and technicians can promptly and accurately diagnose the problem and formulate a plan to avoid unnecessary flight delays.

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Key Features

Group messaging

The platform centralizes all event-specific communication and automatically loops in the relevant stakeholders.  

Shared photos and videos

Real-time event timeline

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