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Parts, Materials
and Tooling Logistics

Real-time tracking ensures parts and materials arrive on time and prevent assets from getting lost in transit. 

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Engineered to Support the Global Fleet.

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Locating, delivering, and tracking repair resources is often a complex, time-consuming, and, ultimately, unreliable process. Unsophisticated communication channels, such as email distribution lists, commonly result in the loss of high-dollar parts, materials, and tools.

Complete oversight,
inbound and outbound.

AireXpert’s event-based interface instantly organizes parts and material deliveries. Staff can view real-time updates of where items are in the shipping process. Timely and reliable delivery of spares and tools helps technicians complete repairs so OOS aircrafts can return to service as quickly as possible. Plus, AireXpert’s end-to-end tracking prevents assets from getting lost to and from the aircraft. 

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Key Features

Active event dashboard

Real-time and transparent communication displays what resources are needed for each event and where they are in the delivery process.

Role-based access

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