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Flight Delay
Root Cause Analysis

With unprecedented data collection and insights, AireXpert enhances the feasibility and accuracy of post-event evaluations.  

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Engineered to Support the Global Fleet.

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Answering the question,
what went wrong?

Determining the root cause of a delay is fundamental to continuous improvement. But due to operational complexities and limited reliable data, uncovering the answer is easier said than done. To add insult to injury, when the true cause is unclear, a delay can be wrongfully attributed to maintenance functions. 

From arduous
to nearly automatic.

For the first time ever, airlines can conduct flight delay root cause analysis without manually collecting maintenance details and speaking with various stakeholders. AireXpert automatically gathers system-wide and event-based data to establish a single source of truth.

A complete timeline for each event catalogs all actions, communications, decision points, and shared content – allowing management to identify what went wrong, which team or department is genuinely responsible for the delay, and take corrective action for the future. 

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Key Features

Comprehensive event timeline

Management teams can quickly review each step of an event to determine post-event failures.

Reporting and analytics

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Streamlined Flight & Ground Ops Communications

AireXpert enables instant, frictionless communication between flight crews and maintenance control to resolve events quickly.

Technical Document and Content Distribution

Accelerate workflows, improve on-time performance, and ensure compliance with on-demand access to documentation and content.

System-Wide FAA/EASA Compliance Management

AireXpert captures system-wide data and presents real-time insights to maximize oversight and minimize compliance risks.

Structured & Systematic Maintenance Operations

Gain system-wide situational awareness and keep all teams on the same page with an easy-to-use platform. 

Parts, Materials, and Tooling Logistics

Real-time tracking ensures parts and materials arrive on time and prevent assets from getting lost in transit. 

Talent Efficiency and Labor Savings

AireXpert helps airlines maximize in-house talent and external subject matter experts to save time and enhance overall productivity. 

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