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System-Wide FAA/EASA
Compliance Management

AireXpert captures system-wide data and presents real-time insights to maximize oversight and minimize compliance risks.  

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Engineered to Support the Global Fleet.

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Failure is not an option.

Managing compliance risks is an omnipresent challenge – and one that becomes even more treacherous to navigate when facing labor shortages. Repeated or egregious failures invite regulator enforcement or costly fines that erode the bottom line. While several factors can heighten compliance risk, the majority of infractions can be prevented with timely oversight and communication. 

Quicker, data-driven QA.

Harnessing enterprise-wide data, AireXpert provides real-time event insights. Teams have visibility into every decision point through a single, intuitively designed interface – enabling managers to identify and immediately address compliance risks before they escalate to compliance failures. 

After the fact, deep historical data and fully traceable event logs ensure system-wide quality assurance, decreasing both FAA compliance failures and voluntary self-disclosures.

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Key Features

Active event dashboard

Real-time and transparent communication enables proper oversight at critical moments.

Photo and video sharing

On-demand technical documents

Historical data and analytics

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