Backend Senior Software Engineer

As a backend engineer working on a web and mobile application, your day-to-day tasks would involve designing, building, and maintaining the server-side of the application. You would work with technologies such as databases, server-side languages, and API design to build and deploy new features and updates to the application, and ensure that the systems you build are scalable, reliable, and secure. You would also collaborate with frontend developers and other team members to ensure that the application functions smoothly and provides a seamless user experience on both web and mobile platforms.

About AireXpert

AireXpert is tech startup in Buffalo, NY that is here to transform the way aircraft maintenance  operations occur within an airline. Built exclusively for aircraft operators, our one-of-a-kind  digital platform, combines project management and communications technology that connects all  maintenance stakeholders and amplifies performance like never before. AireXpert is here to  enhance ethical standards to the industry while providing outstanding customer service.  

Our crew has gained significant traction with airline brands that you rely on to fly and we’re  always giving them tools to transform how they operate. We now have a loyal customer base  with high-growth opportunities ahead of us and want you to join our journey!

Key Responsibilities Include

  • Architect and deliver features within the AireXpert platform
  • Collaborate with software and production engineers to design scalable services, plan  feature roll-out, and ensure high reliability and performance of our products • Contribute, influence, and set standards for all technical aspects of a product or service  including but not limited to; testing, debugging, performance, and languages • Modify and develop custom software patterns as needed to solve the most complex  software problems
  • Accountable for the overall performance of products and/or services within a defined area  of focus
  • Conduct code reviews, develop high-quality documentation, and build robust test suites  for your products
  • Respond to and troubleshoot the most complex problems quickly, efficiently, and  effectively
  • Acts as a mentor or leader for less experienced engineers
  • Handle multiple competing priorities in an agile, fast-paced environment

Qualifications & Requirements

  • 5+ years in server side software systems
  • 5+ years working with Amazon Web Services
  • Strongly skilled in Python and Django frameworks
  • Working understanding of a Linux environment
  • Familiar with development tools including Git, Maven, and Gradle
  • Experience working in an Agile development environment/process

Additional Benefits:

  • Stock Options
  • Unlimited PTO
  • StartupNY status
  • Health/dental/vision insurance offered
  • Remote work (if you prefer)

Apply Now

Apply Now

AireXpert is an equal opportunity employer: we value diversity. We do not discriminate on the  basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status,  veteran status, or disability status. We not only value but emphasize diversity of thought and  being.

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the perks

Benefits at a glance

At AireXpert, we’re committed to the wellbeing and success of our team. We are proud to offer benefits that help you to feel and do your best.

Time off to rest and recharge

At our company, we prioritize giving employees ample time to rest and recharge because we understand that well-rested individuals are more productive, creative, and engaged in their work. This approach not only enhances the quality of their output but also fosters a positive work environment, contributing to overall job satisfaction and employee well-being. Life is about more than work.

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ESOP - Employee share ownership

At AireXpert, we embrace the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) as it fosters a culture of ownership and commitment among employees, encouraging them to contribute more meaningfully to the company's success. By having a stake in the business, employees are more likely to be invested in its growth and performance, aligning their personal goals with the long-term objectives of the company.

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Healthcare coverage

Providing healthcare coverage to employees demonstrates a company's commitment to their well-being and job satisfaction, fostering a supportive and productive work environment. We've found that it helps to attract top talent, enhance employee retention, and reduce absenteeism due to health-related issues.

401K with company match

AireXpert makes a meaningful contribution to our employees' futures by offering a robust 401(k) plan. This not only demonstrates our investment in their long-term financial security and well-being but also enhances employee satisfaction and loyalty, as they know we are equally invested in their success beyond the workplace.